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Welcome to Barb Beckman Art Glass

I have always had the desire to create art as a means to communicate the ways I interpret various objects, textures and patterns, both manmade and natural. I create three-dimensional prismatic, reflective glass wall art based on the natural landscape. The reflective qualities and the brilliant colors of my art draw the viewer in and create an interactive experience of movement and light.

Nature is the prime subject matter in my current work. For me, I find it encourages reflection, mindfulness and gratitude. Throughout time, trees have been a miraculous testament to persistence, patience and resilience. In many cultures, they symbolize life and rebirth and some believe they are actually sentient beings. Many of us naturally tend to feel at peace while walking on a forest trail amongst the trees.

I find glass to be a fascinating material to work with due to the variety of ways in which the material can be manipulated, its ability to be transparent or opaque and the immense range of color that is possible. Glass also changes according to the type of light that illuminates it as well as whether that light is reflected off the glass or transmitted through the glass.

Please enjoy your journey through my work.

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